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Helping small Businesses Finance the Development of their Products or Services

Wayfunders brings together entrepreneurs, who need some modest financing for special projects development, with prospective customers and supports who want to see the products of those projects. Entrepreneurs are creative and innovative. They take old problems or new problems and come up with new solutions. But because those solutions are novel and unproven, the entrepreneurs may have difficulty finding conventional financing for product development. Enter “crowdfunding”. Let the market decide if the idea is worth pursuing!

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Helping consumers get a head start on leading edge products and services that they want

Many companies and consumers want to be on the competitive edge. They want to access leading edge products and services. When they cannot find the products and services they want on the current market, they look for and find entrepreneurs who can develop those products or services. If you find them here, you can make a contribution toward the funding of those projects and ensure early access to those outcomes.

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INVESTORS Investment Opportunities

Successful entrepreneurs are agile innovators, but they do their homework first. They know they need to do a rapid prototype of their new product or service idea, test it and prove their concept before they can get full investment, commercialize and scale up their operations. Crowdfunding is a way to fund and test a market interest in a proposed new product before the entrepreneur gets too far down the development path.

How can they get funding for an unproven product? They need to start small and lean with a minimal viable product and test their ideas before they can get access funding for larger production runs or full service offerings.

 Where does that development financing come from? It can come from ‘family, friends and fools’ (FFF), or it can come from progressive consumers who want to get a head start on the market.

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Why Way finders?

Wayfinders is establishing a platform for excellence in business. Studies show that collaboration with trusted businesses builds longer term relationships and reduces the cost of constantly finding new suppliers, partners and customers. Over a longer term, businesses get to know each others’ requirements and will take time to customize. Its all about building trust.

Many times the product being developed by an entrepreneur is for the end consumer market. Consumers get bragging rights as early adopters and entrepreneurs are able to put viable products on the market immediately and start building market share.

Other times the new product or service is purchased as input for other businesses (B2B). Progressive businesses are always looking for better inputs so they have a competitive advantage in their markets.



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