Examples of possible crowd-funding projects include:

  • Musical or video productions
  • Services requiring the hiring of researchers or specialists
  • New specialized tools or artifacts
  • Digital information technology projects
  • Arts and crafts or interior décor items
  • Written or literary works
  • Household items such as designer quilts, safe toys or accessible furniture

Crowdfunding is a well established means for entrepreneurs and small business owner to raise money for special projects. At the same time, it is a way for financial supporters to get an early opportunity to see the results of the project without having to make a huge investment.   For more information see Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crowdfunding

Funds are held until there are sufficient funds raised in total to proceed with the proposed project. There are no guarantees in life, just as there is no free lunch. It is possible that insufficient funds will be raised for the proposed product so the project does not proceed.  In this case contributed funds should be returned to the Contributor. It is possible that, following development efforts, the proposed product or service will not succeed.  However, invested funds are generally small enough that any loss will be negligible for the Contributor. You should only contribute as much as you can afford to lose. All possible attempts are made to ensure that project developers make a sincere effort to produce the desired results. Wayfinders examine proposals and the reputations of project developers and only those deemed honourable are posted.

Crowd-funding can only be used for specific product or service development. It cannot be use to support business start-up, operations or growth or otherwise serve as investment capital.