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About Us

About Wayfunder

Wayfinders Business Co-operative

Wayfunders is a crowdfunding service provided by Wayfinders Business Co-operative (Wayfinders). Wayfinders is an incorporated co-op based in Alberta, Canada. Its membership is made up of shareholders who are generally small business owners, freelancers, gig workers or otherwise self-employed people.


The small business challenge

Over the past few years a group of people with interests in entrepreneurship got together to figure out what system of supports were needed to better promote conditions for small business success.

Small businesses, entrepreneurs, while generally more agile and innovative than larger companies, have a significant disadvantage that can be overcome by working cooperatively. Large companies benefit from large economies of scale when it comes to purchasing power, access to specialists and advanced technologies, business intelligence, mass marketing and distribution.

Wayfinders offers you a business community of trust and a suite of online services to help you succeed in your business ventures.

Wayfinders is helping entrepreneurs like you find their way going forward. We can help you to surround yourself with appropriate talent and tools to generate your best value for members and customers:

1) focus on applying your own greatest talents while leveraging additional resources as needed;

2) find people and create a team you can rely on as well as loyal customers;

3) choose the right online tools for the work you do, such as productivity and collaboration tools; and

4) reduce costs by buying in bulk with other members.

We do this by offering a combination of live cafes and online business events and software services.

In order to post a crowdfunding project here you or your company must be a member of Wayfinders.

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What We Do?

Helping Small Businesses Finance the Development of their Products or Services

Wayfunders brings together entrepreneurs, who need some modest financing for special projects development, with prospective customers and supports who want to see the products of those projects. Entrepreneurs are creative and innovative. They take old problems or new problems and come up with new solutions. But because those solutions are novel and unproven, the entrepreneurs may have difficulty finding conventional financing for product development. Enter “crowdfunding”. Let the market decide if the idea is worth pursuing!

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Helping consumers get a head start on leading edge products and services that they want

Many companies and consumers want to be on the competitive edge. They want to access leading edge products and services. When they cannot find the products and services they want on the current market, they look for and find entrepreneurs who can develop those products or services. If you find them here, you can make a contribution toward the funding of those projects and ensure early access to those outcomes.

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